Folks, it is currently 2017 and there’s still people out there that think making a joke of someone else’s preferred identity is a good idea. Let me just start off by saying: it’s not. Making a funny-ha-ha-ha gag about transgender identity is not, and never will be, funny. Don’t do it. Don’t be that person. You’re better than that.

To put the following shithouse ‘gag’ in context, the past few weeks have been quite turbulent for Donald Trump. Between all the wild speculation that Vladimir Putin was paying him during the 2016 campaign, his regular tantrums, and him spending precious prez time on Reddit, there’s plenty to poke fun at.

Anyway, when trying to make a joke about Trump who, let’s be real here, is the absolute easiest target in the known universe at this point in time, The Daily Show decided to use some very lazy comedy and chuck in the ol’ “ooh maybe he’ll announce he’s a woman!” joke.

The joke that’s got people rolling their eyes so hard they see the dawn of humankind itself was posted to the Daily Show’s Twitter account and was online for a solid four hours before being removed. The internet never forgets to screengrab though.

‘The Daily Show’ Cops Heat For A Very Bad Joke About Transgender People

Yeah, folks online were extremely not happy with the attempt at a funny, and absolutely made that known.

C’mon you lot, you had so much ammunition here to laugh at Trump, and yet you fell back on your arses and went for a transphobic joke. Poor form.

Oh, and it’s currently International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia (IDAHOBiT) in the US right now. So, there’s that.

Photo: Comedy Central.

‘The Daily Show’ Cops Heat For A Very Bad Joke About Transgender People