‘The Conjuring’ Is Getting Another Spin-Off Feat. A Bloody Spooky Nun

Ahh, The Conjuring. One of the better horror series to raise its head over the past couple of years, the James Wan original has spawned both a sequel (The Conjuring 2) and a spin-off (Annabelle). Now, it looks like Warner Brothers are getting serious about creating a whole spooky-ass universe.
And why wouldn’t they? The original film is the second highest grossing original horror film of all time behind The Exorcist
this is me yellin’ when i found out about this
One of the minor characters in The Conjuring 2 – spoiler alert! – is a ghost nun. The nun got people so bloody riled up that they’re looking to give her an entire film with the tentative (and creative) title of The Nun. So if Annabelle didn’t do it for you but you’re scared of the Catholic Church, maybe this is the film for you.
But if dolls are your thing, don’t forget that we’re getting Annabelle 2, as well. So your calendar is absolutely booked the hell out when it comes to Conjuring spinoffs and sequels.
Source: ComingSoon.net.
Photo: The Conjuring 2.