The Commando from The Biggest Loser has just been granted an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) against one of his PT clients, who was found to be stalking him.

Steve Willis (The Commando) had been training Margaret Yue for a year between 2019 and 2020. During that time she allegedly stalked Willis and made him feel uncomfortable, according to

The case was taken to court earlier this month, but it wasn’t until today that Magistrate Jenifer Price confirmed that the AVO had been granted.

At the hearing, Willis told the court about a number of incidences where he felt “fear” because of his former client.

Last year, Yue turned up at Sydney Airport on the same day Willis had returned from a training camp in Tahiti. In court, Yue claimed that she was in the area and just wanted to give him a lift. The message she allegedly sent offering the lift did not received a response from Willis.

Yue also waited outside the stars home for an hour on Christmas Eve last year, sending him messages to say she had a present for him.

Then on May 20 this year, she showed up to one of Willis’ private training sessions and tapped on his car window. Yue allegedly tracked him down through social media.

In the court documents obtained by, Willis told the court that he had been “rattled” by Yue’s behaviour.

“That rattled me because how does someone find me in North Sydney? The words from her mouth were, ‘I’ve been coming here every day of the week,” he told the court.

“You start to fear for your safety when you’ve expressed no many times and it’s just not accepted.”

After hearing the allegations made against Yue at the hearing on October 21, the Magistrate found that there were “reasonable grounds for Mr Willis to fear stalking by Ms Yue.”

Image: Instagram / commandosteve