The Child Psych Interview W/ JonBenét’s Brother Will Seriously Disturb You

The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey‘ was a pretty wild ride, as former FBI profiler Jim Clemente and former Scotland Yard criminal behaviour analyst Laura Richards attempted to dig into the mysteries that still surround the case of JonBenét Ramsey 20 years after her murder.

In part one, they analysed a recording of the 911 call placed by JonBenét’s mother, Patsy, paying particular attention to a small snippet of audio that played after the conversation with the dispatcher was over. They reckon they made out the following (creepy as all fuck) conversation:
John (JonBenét’s father): “We’re not speaking to you.”
Patsy: Either “What did you do?” or “Help me, Jesus.”
Burke (JonBenét’s brother): “What did you find?”

They also did tests to see whether the damage done to JonBenét’s skull could have been done by a 9-year-old with a flashlight, which they tested by giving a 9-year-old a flashlight and asking him to smash it into a skeleton – that’s some science right there.

In this, the second and final part, they focused on some extremely disconcerting interviews between Burke and a child psychologist that were done shortly after the murder. It’s fair to say that grief does strange things to people but at the same time he really does not seem in the least bit disturbed that his sister was just killed, instead talking about how he’s just keeping busy with video games.
He describes how he thinks she was killed in the carefree voice of someone describing what they did on their weekend:
“I think that someone took her very quietly, tiptoed down the basement, then he took a knife out and went [mimes stabbing] …you know something like that. Or maybe a hammer, hit her in the head maybe.”

Have a watch:

Having already cast some pretty significant aspersions that Burke had done it and that the parents were knowingly covering it up, the investigators tried to piece together a narrative that would explain how things went down – which they did by attempting to explain the pineapple that JonBenét was found to have ingested hours before she died.
In the pictures taken of the crime scene, there’s a bowl on the kitchen table with a spoon and some pieces of pineapple and police found fingerprints on the bowl that matched Burke’s, but, according to testimonial of both Burke and the parents, Burke slept heavily through the entire ordeal.
Clemente and the other experts suggested that JonBenét had stolen a piece of pineapple from Burke and Burke reacted angrily, hitting her in the head with a flashlight, accidentally killing her. A witness told the investigators that they had seen Burke lose his temper and act similarly in the past, hitting JonBenét with a golf club.
While they heavily lean on the scenario they created, they don’t conclusively draw a conclusion, and, like the previous episode, finishes with a disclaimer that they are simply explaining one possible theory and that they urge the viewer to do their own research.
Disclaimer or no, they didn’t pull their punches very far back, and it will be very interesting to see if there’s any fallout from Burke or John or anyone involved in the case in the 90s.
Photo: Channel 9.