The Bold Type Changed Sutton & Richard’s Ending The Literal Night Before They Filmed It

bold type sutton

First of all, this post contains spoilers for The Bold Type‘s series finale. If you haven’t watched it yet, then what are you even doing here? Go Marie Kondo your sock drawer or something. Begone. Read no further.

ANYHOO, we’re all here because we finished The Bold Type‘s fifth and final season, right? Kat becoming editor-in-chief? Who’da thunk it? Given her breadth of experience, it does at least make more sense than Jane, but I particularly loved the moment Jacqueline just waved across changing the most important hire at the last minute by going, “Oh yeah, the board was fine with me hiring the person we fired a couple months ago.” No questions here, move along.

Personally, I didn’t care where Kat and Jane ended up, because they were both living their dreams anyway and just needed a nudge along their upward trajectories. (Jane going travelling? Huh? But sure, I guess. Also confirmed: coronavirus didn’t happen in The Bold Type universe.)

The only person I needed to see get her happy ending was Sutton, as I wrote (screamed) about yesterday. The series finale showed her reunited with Richard, who had used their almost-divorce to realise that yes, he wanted kids – but he wanted a life with Sutton more.

(Also: the bit where Sutton and Richard talked about not wanting their ‘bubble’ to end? Oof. Ouch. No. My heart hurts just thinking about it.)

As it turns out, The Bold Type rewrote Sutton’s storyline literally the night before, and let me be the first to say, ‘thank fuck they did’.

“What ended up happening with Sutton’s storyline at the end — they rewrote it the night before we shot it,” Meghann Fahy, who plays Sutton, told Variety.

“It was going to end very differently than it ended. And based on some conversations that I had had with them, and that Sam [Page, who plays Richard] had had with them, they just kind of flipped it, which was really exciting, because it’s not something that I thought was going to happen… The night before, [to have] a huge storyline change is kind of unique. So it was exciting.”

Variety reports that Katie Stevens, who plays Jane, jumped in here to say that they were sitting in Aisha Dee‘s (Kat) living room when Meghann got the call bearing the news of Sutton and Richard’s break up. (Yes, they really are all good friends.)

“I just remember you being like, ‘What? Really?’” Katie said.

Sutton then continued: “Ultimately, what was supposed to happen was Sutton and Richard don’t end up together. And then we sort of felt like that sucked. It didn’t feel very true to the way that we had built those characters and their relationship in all of the prior seasons. So they changed it, and then they did end up together. And that was such a satisfying thing for me, and for Sam, and I hope for the audience, too.”

Thank you, sweet baby Jesus. And The Bold Type writers, and Meghann Fahy, I suppose.

All five seasons are streaming on Stan now, if you’re not ready to say goodbye to Scarlet yet.