The Bold Type Stars Told Us About An IRL Drunken Night Out That *Nearly* Made It Into Season 5

It’s no secret that The Bold Type is inspired by real-life events. The executive producer is former Cosmopolitan editor Editor-In-Chief Joanna Coles, who used her 30 years of experience working at the iconic mag as inspiration for Scarlet Magazine, the fictional magazine around which everything in The Bold Type revolves.

That storyline about the yoni egg getting stuck inside a vagina for example? Yep, that really happened (only it was slightly more traumatic than what we saw on screen).

So when I caught up with Katie Stevens (who plays Jane), Aisha Dee (Kat) and Meghann Fahy (Sutton) ahead of The Bold Type‘s fifth and final season, I wanted to know if any storylines had been inspired by the three of them.

It turns out… almost. There was “an insane night” out in Montreal (where The Bold Type is filmed), where Katie and Meghann literally lost Aisha on the way home. Sadly, the writers never followed through on their pledge to write it into an episode.

“I always thought that would have been a really funny one,” Meghann told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

So since it never made it into the series, here’s the oral history of that night out.


“We were all on bikes driving back in the dark from wherever we had been, back to our apartments. We just sort of turned around and she was gone.

“We were calling her phone, and we couldn’t get in touch with her. It was like this whole thing where we were like, tracking down her phone. Then some strangers answered it and said that they were going to meet us so that they could give it back to her. So we knew she didn’t have her phone and couldn’t get into her building.”


“It was so funny, though, because I remember like, we knew that we lost her. And then we went back to our apartments. And Megan was at her apartment. I was at my apartment, and I called Megan and I was like, I can’t fall asleep unless I know that she got home okay.”


“I was like, eh she’s fine.”


“And Meghann was like, I’m gonna try calling, and that’s when the person answered. Then we met the person and got the [phone], and I will never forget walking up to [Aisha’s] apartment building and seeing her in the lobby, because the security guard wouldn’t let her up.

“And she’s just like, so defeated, sitting on the bench of the lobby of her apartment building and you could tell that she’s like, I’m sleeping here tonight. This is where I’m sleeping.”


“Truthfully though, it wasn’t a terrible night. I made friends along the way. I was getting drinks with strangers and being like, I don’t have my phone. I don’t have my wallet. I don’t have my keys. I don’t know where to go… should we hang out?”


“It was very late.”


“How did you get lost though??”


“Well, you know, I don’t have a great sense of direction as is, then I think I just kind of thought, I’ll turn back for a second. And then I’ll get back to [my phone] and it will be so quick. And it just wasn’t so quick.

“I need to be leashed.”

Not putting that story into The Bold Type is an opportunity missed, tbh, because that is PEAK Kat behaviour.

(In fact, all three stars are quite similar to their characters because the writers were influenced by the actors’ personalities. “There’s a lot of scenes you see where we’re either ad libbing with each other and improvising, or saying inside jokes that we have with each other outside of the show, and trying to get those into scenes, so I think there’s a lot of us in those characters,” Katie said.)

The Bold Type returns on May 27 for one final season, so catch it all on Stan