The Bloke Who Glassed Redfoo Has Escaped Conviction

Back in August of last year, perpetually shuffling mound of hair who inexplicably remained on Australian television payrolls for multiple years Redfoo was involved in an altercation with a patron at the Golden Sheaf Hotel in Sydney’s Double Bayduring which he was glassed.

Redfoo suffered minor injuries in the unprovoked attack.
Today, 21 year-old Arian Berisha walked out of court with no conviction despite pleading guilty to assault.
Berisha was initially charged with reckless wounding, to which he originally pleaded not guilty. But that more serious of the pair of charges was subsequently dropped, and Berisha’s plea was amended to guilty of assault.
Appearing at a sentencing hearing at the Downing Centre Local Court today, Berisha was handed a two year good behaviour bond for the attack on the 39 year-old Redfoo – real name Stefan Gordy – and did not have a conviction recorded against him.
Magistrate John Favretto, who was presiding over the hearing today, accepted the defence that the glassing was a prank gone wrong, and that an intoxicated Berisha was hesitant to do it.
He also pondered just what in the blue hell a Redfoo is, which is a simply glorious moment now forever recorded in the annals of Australian legal history.


Not that we condone glassing or pub violence in any way, shape, form or fashion. But we don’t feel it’s much of a stretch to suggest that we speak for many of you when we say “Can we ever be bothered dealing with that sleazy dickhead anymore?
Literally, we can’t.
Photo: Ian Gavan via Getty Images.