The Block’s Alleged ‘Conwoman’ Washed Up On A European Beach & Gave Her Side Of The Story

Emese Fayk

Emese Fayk – the so-called “international conwoman” who bid on the winning house on The Block last year but allegedly never coughed up the cash – has left Australia and popped up in the remote Portuguese island of Madeira, of all places.

Fayk has wiped her personal Instagram account and uploaded a kind of tell-all video from the beach in which she accuses the Australian media of being mislead by men who are out to get her.

The video follows a recent Daily Mail article which reports that she has allegedly pulled the same scam on her landlord in Portugal and briefly dated a cryptocurrency trader named Steve Silva. The article also suggests she’s adopted a new name and alias after leaving Australia.

“The reality of this situation is that I didn’t not flee Australia, I didn’t need to flee and I only left at the end of February,” Fayk said in the video.

“I travelled to Europe, which as always my primary homeground. This trip was initially planned for the spring of 2020 but was postponed due to the pandemic.”

She added that she needed to spend time with the people who love and support her.

Fayk went on to reiterate the same series of events that she alleged back last year about why the house payment never went through.

“So instead of talking about my hair extensions – which, by the way, I got in Australia along with my new nose piercing – let’s talk about the seemingly-invisible elephant in the room: the house,” Fayk said.

“The bottom line is that I got the details far too late. Someone left things to the last minute and there was no way to make the settlement happen on time.

“How can anyone get anything ready for a settlement of this magnitude in just one business day? That’s how much I had.”

In the aftermath of the original story last year, Fayk was accused of scamming a whole swarth of people all over the world, including a supposed former partner in the UK, a graphic designer in Hungary and a resort in Costa Rica.

Fayk claimed to have worked with the United Nations and even gave a TEDx talk in Romania.

In her Insta video, the only blame she said she would accept is being a bit naive.

“My fault in all this was that I did not know the purchase process and therefore was unable to spot mistakes or know what information was missing,” she said.

Fayk closed by saying she just wants this whole thing to be over, but it sounds as if things are just about to kick off once again.

“I’m a 29-year-old girl building my life, and I will not continue to suffer in silence and let this story hang over my head as some sort of dark cloud,” she said.

“I spent the last few months not in hiding, but trying to work out what my next steps should be.

“There is more to come in the next few weeks and in the meantime I will publish all the evidence to support these claims.”

We’ve reached out to Fayk for more about her side of the story because it seems this saga just won’t die.