The Block, the show that distils Australia’s insatiable thirst for home reno down to four or five episodes a week – it could be more but who the fuck’s even counting at this point? – returns soon for another season on Nine.

The popular show is coming back for its 11th (!!!) season, and with that will come a few key changes, guaranteed to break down the contestants’ emotions faster than a sledgehammer can break down a non-load-bearing wall. 

As usual, Scott Cam will oversee the conversion of an existing building into luxury apartments – in this case, said building is the iconic, octagonal-shaped Hotel Saville in Melbourne’s South Yarra. 

(Cam has already christened it ‘The Blocktagon’, a word you’ll be hearing roughly every four seconds once the new season airs; he also says that the space is “more architecturally challenging” the show has thrown at the cast before).

However, after Season 10 – aka The Block: Triple Threat, aka the season of total Darren and Dea domination – saw a slight dip in ratings, so Nine have taken steps to up the drama this time around. 

They’re calling it a “back to basics” approach, meaning that the professional tradesmen who’ve come to dominate the cast in recent seasons are out, and “clueless amateurs” are in. 

What this is likely to mean is a lot more crying fits, a lot more code violations, a lot more confrontations with Foreman Keith, and a lot more entertaining renovation fuck-ups for you, the viewer, to enjoy.

All of that brings us to the cast themselves:

Meet the five new BLOCKhead Couples… will their Aussie dream come true?The Block is COMING to Channel 9!#TheBlock

Posted by The Block on Sunday, August 9, 2015

Brother and sister team Luke and Ebony, of Triple Threat, will return, joining four new couples, including Suzi and Voni, a real estate agent and “fitness studio manager” from the Gold Coast, and Kingi and Caro, a renderer and cheerleader from North Queensland.

New episodes are coming “soon”. We physically can not wait to see how this mess plays out.


Image via Channel Nine