The Best Of Bryan Cranston’s Reddit AMA

Emmy winning actor who knocks Bryan Cranston took part in his first ever Reddit Ask Me Anything session today, deploying some sarcastic jokes about crane fatalities, on-set stories involving dildo pranks and general life advice for people less awesome than Bryan Cranston (everyone). It’s informative, amusing and essential reading for all Breaking Bad fans. Here are our top ten takeaways.

1) He maybe might know how to make meth now.

Do you think, given the proper equipment, you could produce crystal meth?

That presumes I haven’t already.

2) Bryan Cranston laughs in the face of death.

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened on set in your career?

There was a guy who was hit by a crane and killed instantly. I couldn’t stop laughing.

3) Breaking Bad ends the exact way he wanted it to.

Does Breaking Bad end the way that you wanted it to?

Breaking Bad ended the way Vince Gilligan wanted it to… which is exactly what I wanted.

4) He cares deeply about children.

involved are you with NCMEC? I’ve heard of it but didn’t realize how
many children they had recovered, I was floored by the number.

Walsh introduced me to the charity many years ago and I just gravitated
to it because my daughter was 6-years-old at the time and I felt
compelled to actively get involved. Just
wanted to say, again thanks for considering making a donation to help
NCMEC. Just today the FBI Most Wanted list included a former professor
at USC who was making regular trips to the Orient and having sex with
little boys. This is how expansive this problem is because it’s not just
the guy in the dirty overcoat you need to be worried about. They’re
very well organized and many are very well-educated. It’s a huge problem
not just internationally but also domestically. They have some child pornography cases that includes not even year
old children, month old children. It’s sickening so every dollar that’s
donated really goes to help the pedophilia problem on the internet.

5) That one-take pizza toss was all luck.

How did it feel to get that pizza throw perfect on the first try?

I would have patted myself on the back but I was holding a pizza. Yeah,
I did it in one try. It was a real pizza (a super xtra large) and very
heavy. I just got lucky and it landed in the right place on the very
first try so we let it be that way.

6) He has mixed feelings about the series ending.

What is it like finishing Breaking Bad? Are you sad to see it go, or excited to move on and do other projects?

In a way I’m sad to see it go but in another way I’m so proud of it. To me it’s like retiring after winning the Super Bowl.

7) Everyone has a dark side.

it like for you to switch from doing something so funny like Malcolm in
the Middle to something so deadly and serious like Breaking Bad?

What I discovered is that
everyone has a dark side. It might be unrealized, untapped, but if the
right buttons are pushed anyone can become dangerous and I just opened
up to it. Now I don’t want to say that I killed people in preparation
for the role… but I can’t deny it either.

8) He loves Louis C.K., The Godfather and Italian food.

What is your all time favorite movie, TV show, and food?

favorite tv show is Breaking Bad, I don’t know if you guys have heard
of it before. When you say the Godfather, everybody says “oh the
Godfather”, but it was really remarkable. I loved the Andy Griffith show
for its simplicity and warmth, but I also love Louis for its sardonic
humor. My favorite food is typically what I am eating at the time. But
if I had to chose one, I’d have to go Italian. How can you not love

9) He almost became a policeman.

What would you be if you weren’t an actor at first?

I don’t know. But I thought about being a police man when I was
younger. I was pretty close to becoming one too but in college I took
some acting classes and I found that the girls were much prettier there
than in police science.

10) He is known to perform dildo pranks.

Have you ever pranked Aaron Paul on set? For some reason I think that he’d be super gullible.

yeah, many times. There was one episode when where someone was giving
us a problem and I told him to take care of it and he didn’t know
specifically what I meant by it. I said “I need you to take care of it”
and I reached into my waistband and pulled out a gun and put it on the
counter. He understood the message. Then during the scene where I said
“I need you to take care of it” I reached into my waistband and pulled
out a dildo.

Thanks Bryan Cranston!

Breaking Bad returns to AMC August 11.