Here’s Exactly When The Bear Season 3 Drops In Australia So Hurry Up And Binge Seasons 1 & 2

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The Bear Season Three is about to be served, hot up on the heated pass that is Disney+. To help you prepare for the meal — AKA the return of stressy hot boi Carmy, played by Jeremy Allen White — we now know the exact times The Bear is dropping in Australian time zones.

It’s that time of the year again when the group chats will light up restaurant-specific jargon such as “yes, chef” and “behind”. Although hearing these phrases would usually send me into a horrible flashback where I worked a cooked AF hospo job, The Bear has given them a new life.

I won’t fully jump into spoiler territory, but for folks who aren’t familiar with The Bear, the story follows Carmy, an award-winning fine dining chef, who returns to his hometown of Chicago to run his deceased brother’s sandwich shop. Unfortunately, things aren’t so rainbows and unicorns for Carmy, as he faces the reality of starting over in a smaller business with chaotic AF staff members.

(Image source: YouTube / FX Networks)

Personally, the show has a great mixture of dramatic and comedic moments. Also, it stars a bunch of amazing actors including Ayo Edebiri (Bottoms and Big Mouth) and Oliver Platt (Chicago Med and my fave, 2012).

So, if this is right up your alley or if you’re a fan who’s been watching since day dot, here’s when The Bear Season Three will be available for your viewing pleasure.

When is The Bear Season 3 coming out?

The Bear Season Three will be available to stream on Disney + from Thursday, June 27. Unfortunately, for punters who are just jumping on The Bear bandwagon now, you’ve only got Tuesday arvo and Wednesday to binge the first two seasons.

I believe in you!!!

NSW, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and ACT

We can confirm that The Bear Season Three will drop around 11am Australian Eastern Standard Time. Look, it’s a bit earlier than what I would like it, but at least it’ll sort you out for Thursday night entertainment!

South Australia and Northern Territory

For our besties in the middle part of Down Under, The Bear Season Three will be available on Disney+ from 10.30am. Again, quite early for my liking, but I rather have a drop date than nothing, amirite?

Western Australia

For our friends in Western Australia, audiences can access Season Three of The Bear from 9am. At least you can sneak one episode in before you head to work! Unless you start at 9. RIP.

Yes, Zaddy! ( Image source: YouTube / FX Networks)

How many episodes are in The Bear Season 3?

From Thursday, June 27, The Bear fans will have access to all 10 episodes of Season Three.

The real question is should we binge-watch all of it or space it out? Hmmm.

Is there a trailer for The Bear Season 3?

Yes, chef! Peep below to check out the full trailer for The Bear Season 3.

IDK about y’all, but I’m super stoked to have something fresh land on my TV. Catch me in my Hello Kitty Oodie, watching The Bear and MasterChef Australia on a split screen… And maybe I’ll have a Subway Surfers play-through in the middle to tie up all the chaos together. IYKYK.

The Bear Season Three drops on Disney+ June 27, 2024.