The Bachelor’s Sam Wood And His Chosen One Spontaneously Fake-Marry On Air

Unless you experienced a nuclear incident and have thus been chilling in a bomb shelter for the past 12 hours, you’d know that 2015’s Bachelor Sam Wood last night declared Parmigiana Snezana his one and only. 
The newly-public couple appeared on 2Day FM’s Dan & Maz show this morning, where they spoke about their mutual relief at no longer having to hide their love from 18 other women. 
Oh, and they kinda/sorta got married?????

Obvi it wasn’t official (although Maz is apparently a legit marriage celebrant so that could be awkward later on) but it’s a sneak peek of what’s to come if a women’s magazine pays them enough.
Bonus: a cute vid Sam and Snez posted to The Bachelor Facebook page last night, both of them high on life and love after 4 months of sneaking ’round like a “witness protection operation.”

What a magical ending! Sam Wood and Snezana have a special message to share with you all! #TheBachelorAU

Posted by The Bachelor Australia on Thursday, September 17, 2015

Via 2Day FM’s Dan & Maz. 
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