Records are made to be broken. That’s the honest truth of the matter.

It’s just that usually you expect to get at least a few days to enjoy being a record holder before someone else swoops in and smashes your own mark.

So with Bachie Sam Wood setting a new world mark for “highest, longest pash” after sucking face with Potential Suitor Class of 2015 member Nina for 4 minutes and 10 seconds whilst standing atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you’d think he’d be able to rest on his laurels for at least long enough to add that accolade to the CV, right?


Enter: excommunicated bachelorette Sandra. Plucked from the spinster purgatory she was flowerlessly banished to, and hurled atop the Sydney Tower Eye, Sandra rewrote the record books with a marathon 5:15 game of tonsil hockey, played with the face of Dan & Maz‘s music boss “Eggo.”

And how did our incumbent Bachelor take it?

Well, he’s not happy, Sam.

World records are serious business.

‘Course that said, there’s probably a thirsty dero couple living in a Sunshine West squat with their own hydro setup and a Powerade bottle bong who could lay a serious claim to the “highest, longest pash.” Just sayin’.