‘The Bachelorette’ Has Been “Inundated” By Applications From Thirsty Blokes

In news that should surprise precisely nobody, turns out the fellas of this nation are pretty keen to dip their toe in the water and put a rose between their teeth for Sophie Monk. Producers of The Bachelorette say they’ve been “inundated” with applications and inquiries since Monk was announced as the new star.

A source told The Daily Telegraph that producers are throwing a very wide net to find a beau for Soph, which is strongly implied by the application – which has brought the age limit up to 45.
Here’s the scoop, via news.com.au:
They are looking at appealing to perhaps men who are more established, know what they are looking for, as well as single dads. But Sophie is absolutely open to a younger man as well, and the lower end of the range is 25. We absolutely want younger guys to be encouraged to apply, [guys] who know what they want and are confident in themselves. Age and type is not a limitation when it comes to finding love.
For the record, Monk’s age range is 23 – 45. Sorry to the 19-year-old thirsthounds out there. You’re not even getting a bloody look in.
For the record, the age limits for previous Bachelorettes Georgia Love, 27, and Sam Frost, 26, was 23 – 35. It’s a wide net, and therefore a much deeper pool of toey blokes to throw themselves at an online application form like ravenous hounds.
Source: News.com.au.
Photo: The Bachelorette.