WELP: Here’s Yr First Look At A Bloke Biff During A ‘Bachelorette’ Cocktail Party

Today has been absolutely RIFE with goss, drama and scandal from the cataclysmic The Bachelor finale but Channel 10 has assured us that once the dust settles from Bachie, the good times will keep on rolling via The Bachelorette.

The freshly released teaser gives us a nice glimpse of what to expect this season and it looks like we’re in for a treat and a half.

“I don’t want to go after that bad boy anymore, I want that guy that I can bring home to mum and dad,” Ali Oetjen says as she sashays into the mansion. What follows is an indication that this season she’ll come across nothing but bad boys (goats and all).

We’re introduced to a few more contestants, including a Thor-esque long-haired dude.

We see Ali’s fam chatting to one of the blokes and telling him that she’s been “blindsided” in the past. One relo asks a contestant if he reckons the other dudes are being shit to her and he responds “100 per cent” in an attempt to sabotage his competition.

In a v. awkward moment, Ali asks one bloke, “Were you saying horrible things about me?”

It then cuts to another scene where she bursts out the door in tears and says, “Oh my God, let me out of here”

And if, like me, you enjoy seeing the lads fighting over a girl in a mud pit, all those testosterone-filled, staunchy challenges are in large supply this season as we see the boys wrestling while knee-deep in what I’m hoping is mud.

Then there’s our first look at a bloke biff during a cocktail party where the lads are all suited up and swears and pushes are exchanged.

“This is a girl who has been absolutely destroyed by men in the past, taking advantage of her, and you’re taking advantage by lying to her face,” says one bozo.

“I really feel sorry for Ali if she ever, ever ends up with you,” says another (who isn’t too hard on the eyes, tbh).

Catch the glorious trailer below: