Here we go, fam: The Bachelorette filming has officially kicked off and we’ve just copped our first lot of set pics, featuring queen Brooke Blurton, plus, for the first time in Aussie Bachie history, both male and female contestants.

After being announced as this year’s Bachelorette, Brooke, who is openly bisexual, told PEDESTRIAN.TV that the show will “be casting male and females, applications are still basically open to make sure that they are casting the right people for me, which is really special.”

She added, “And they probably will live – sort of independently, both genders, which I think is probably appropriate, but more on a privacy level.”

The gossip mongers over at The Wash captured some sick pics from set, where Brooke Blurton can be seen shooting alongside host Osher Günsberg and a whole bunch of gals and guys who are vying for her heart.

Photo credit: Matrix via The Wash.

Photo credit: Matrix via The Wash.

In one pic, the cast can be seen holding props and costumes, for example there’s a bloke carrying a devil’s pitchfork and shiny red pants.

In another pic, a gal appears to be having the time of her life on a swing (fun!).

And, most importantly, Brooke looks like she’s loving herself sick, which is all that matters, TBH.

Head on over here to catch the piccies via The Wash.

During our interview with Brooke Blurton, we asked her who her ideal match is and here’s what she had to say:

Who is the right person? Oh, I don’t know what they look like [laughs]. Um, I’ve said this previously, but I feel like physical traits aren’t really what I’m drawn to. Obviously you have to be attracted to someone and that will also be very special to find someone that you like and like to look at, but I think more the internal qualities. So, someone who shares the same cultural values possibly, or just the same morals and values in life. Maybe on that trajectory, you know what I mean?

The Bachelorette is coming soon to Ten, after The Bachelor featuring king Jimmy Nicholson which lands on July 21.