The Bachelorette 2021 is in full swing and there’s a hot theory that the winner was quietly revealed in last night’s episode.

We all know that The Bachelor franchise follows a certain formula with each season and there are certain sneaky clues that hint at who’s going to win, from the music played during the intro to the colours they wear at certain points throughout the season.

In the first two eps, there’s been not one, but two clues that pointed towards one person being the frontrunner: landscaper Darvid Garayeli (a.k.a. the bloke who arrived on a lawnmower).

The first one came during Wednesday night’s premiere, when Darvid was gifted the white rose, which guaranteed him the first single date. In the past, this has been a telltale sign of success in Bachie land.

The next clue came in last night’s episode, when the happy couple jetted off on a helicopter adventure to the Blue Mountains, before enjoying a date on the side of the cliff (which gave most of us heart palpitations).

Daily Mail Australia has pointed out that this very same date has been attended by The Bachelor and The Bachelorette winners in the past.

During last year’s garbage-fire season of The Bachelorette, Elly Miles and Frazer Neate visited the Scenic Skyway in the Blue Mountains for a v. similar date.

Also back in 2013, when the series first touched down in Australia, OG Bachie Tim Robards took his now-missus Anna Heinrich on the same Scenic Skyway date on top of the famous yellow cable car.

So the signs are looking red hot for Darvid! Excellent news for the Darvid and Brooke shippers, not so excellent news for all the others, but hey, this is just a hot theory for now. Take it with a huge grain of salt and we’ll see where things go, aye?

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