Hang On A Fucken’ Minute, Has Roxi Been Marge Simpsoning Her Looks On The Bachelor?

Welp, that’s it for sass queen Roxi Kenny who yeeted herself out of The Bachelor mansion in a blaze of glory last night. If you’re interested in sipping on the tea regarding her departure, check out our yarn here. What I wanna discuss is her outfit(s).

Like me, Roxi bloody loves a sparkly number and ya know what, it added a touch of shine to her spicy exit, so good for her.

But, as spotted by tea-spilling poddy So Dramatic!, it low-key looks like she’s pulled a Marge Simpson and chopped up the same lewk so she could rock it twice.

Observe, last week’s look:

Aaaaaand last night’s look:

In case you’re a little rusty on your Simpsons knowledge, there’s an iconic ep where Marge splashes out on a pink Chanel suit, and she ends up joining a country club, all thanks to the designer item.

Only she later gets sprung by one of the snooty ladies at the club who notices that Marge has been altering the suit to look like different outfits, ‘cos she can’t afford any new threads. Bless.


Noticing the chatter that was going ’round about her lewk, Roxi commented: “New dresses just wasn’t in the budget this year” and honestly, I have NFI if she’s kidding or not.

Either way, as I said earlier, she does look fab in both sparkly looks, so shine on, girl. Shine on.