You could live in the mansion from the first season of The Bachelor if you have a bucket load of money to spare and Great Gatsby-esque taste in parties.

The mansion is currently available to rent in Bayview on Sydney’s North Shore. It boasts fuck loads of arches, a swimming pool and some gorge waterfront views. Can you tell I’ve been bingeing Luxe Listings? The real estate agent in me is just jumping out.

Alas, the mansion doesn’t come with a bonus Osher Günsberg to greet you every time you come home.

You may fondly remember the mansion as the setting of The Bachelor season one. You know, the one with Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich, who are still together and disgustingly in love by all accounts?

Good for them.

Look, maybe this mansion has some special love-inducing properties? Though they haven’t put that in the real estate listing so don’t hold me to it.

The mansion even has a name, which is how you know it’s Fancy AF. It’s called “La Joie De Vivre”. If you dropped out of French after Year 9 like me, that roughly translates “joy of living”.

Because there’s no joy of living like extortionate rent!

The Daily Telegraph and calculated that rent, which comes out at around $6,500 a week. Let’s be real, $6,500 a month is basically standard for Sydney at this point. It should be enough to buy you about three heads of lettuce at the current going rate.

According to the property listingThe Bachelor mansion is “one of Sydney’s landmark properties” and is in the “palatial French provincial style”. Feels a bit weird to have a provincial French mansion in North Sydney but what can you do.

The house features a “banquet size dining room”, indoor and outdoor kitchens, six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a gym, pool, tennis court and more. Frankly this sees like an excessive amount of house unless you’re filming The Bachelor.

The property listing just confirms that if I’d been on season one The Bachelor I would’ve spent the whole time flopping around in the pool. Fuck group dates, watch me do a handstand!

Soon it could be fancy Queensland folk looking to rent The Bachelor mansion. That’s ‘cos this year’s Bachie is confirmed to be filming on the Gold Coast.

Keep your eyes on everyone.

Image: Network 10 / The Bachelor