Australia, you have exactly ten days to prepare for The Bachelor’s massive return. 

After aeons of speculation, Channel 10 has revealed that your pal Matthew ‘Matty J’ Johnson will hit screens again on Wednesday July 26 at 7.30pm.

Matty himself is freaking the hell out too, as evidenced by a hyper-excited post on his Instagram.
In true Aussie reality TV style, let us draw some wild conclusions from this piece of content: his Home Alone-esque pose indicates the photo ain’t a selfie, and someone else took the snap.
This all but confirms that he’s finally found the love of his life after his unceremonious (read: actually very ceremonious) on-screen dumping by Georgia Love on The Bachelorette.
Now, we just need to figure out who it is. We reckon you could find out via the reflection in his eyes. 


Results: inconclusive. Guess we’ll have to watch the bloody thing.

Source and photo: Matthew Johnson / Instagram.