An Alleged List Of The Bachie Gals’ Beauty Demands Has Leaked & It’s The Size Of War And Peace

Do we love leaked Bachie info? Uh, yeah, I think we fucken’ do. And this juicy nugget of info involves this year’s ladies from The Bachelor, so I’m very interested in what’s going on behind-the-scenes, since what we’re seeing on-screen is dull as mud.

The Wash has unveiled an alleged leaked list of the gals’ beauty requests and one particular list had a crazy amount of shit.

A secret spy told the publication that producers asked each girl to write up a list of what treatments and beauty prods they need and apparently Kailtyn Hoppe went to town with her requirements.

“Most girls only wrote one to two things down, mainly tanning and nails, but Kaitlyn had a huge list of what she wanted done,” our informant said.

“Her list included at least 10 things, from lashes, eyebrows, nails, hair extensions, tan, facials, injectables, hair, makeup and more.”

So, basically, she just sent through her entire grocery list. Were avos, almond milk and kale on there as well?

That being said, if I were going on national telly, I’d probs be asking for a bunch of items too (such as a new face).