Rumour has it a couple of the contestants from this season of The Bachelor Australia have gotten in trouble for setting up pap shots with the Daily Mail. Look, I wouldn’t be surprised if this ended up being true.

In the latest episode of So Dramatic!, an anonymous contestant told host Megan Pustetto that all the girls who have been papped by the Daily Mail have copped it big time from producers.

“The producers know that everything on the Daily Mail is set up,” the contestant continued. “They told them it’s so fake, embarrassing, and tacky to be seen on the Daily Mail.”

Apparently, the suits at Ten would rather no publicity than publicity from the DM because it reflects badly on the show.

Generally speaking, it sounds like Channel 10 has been a lot stricter this season in terms of what contestants can and can’t do. Exhibit A: their Instagram accounts are managed by Channel 10, so no one* can go rogue and post things they don’t approve of.

*the exception being Steph Lynch, who literally made a private Instagram account to tell people she was being booted from the show, ahead of the episode airing.

Anyway, according to Megan, the gals who have been papped by the Daily Mail are Jimmy Nicholson‘s frontrunners Holly Kingston and Brooke Cleal, as well as Stevie Grey. The Bachelor himself was also papped out in public, so make of that what you will.

The pap pics are extremely random, by the way. I just sussed Holly’s and there’s a whole-ass article dedicated to her trip to the servo (???). The pap has literally taken photos of her filling up her car. Groundbreaking.

Brooke also got the… servo treatment, after a pap photographed her grabbing a sausage roll. And then they papped her walking her very cute dogs. Good stuff.

Whether or not this rumour is true, I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of these pictures pop up as we approach the final weeks of the show. Paps are going to be keen to snap pictures of Jimmy’s final two gals, ya know?

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The Bachelor Australia airs 7.30pm, Wednesdays and Thursdays on Channel 10.

Image: Network 10