After approximately 120392 rumours about her in the mansion, Jay Lal was sent packing at the end of last night’s episode of The Bachelor Australia.

Whether it was the runner-up rumour, or that she had dated someone famous in the past, Jay just couldn’t stop the whispers about her. We spoke to the nutritionist about her time on The Bachelor Australia, and yes – there was plenty of rumour talk.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: What did you think of last night’s episode?

Jay Lal: I actually had a little cry watching it. It was really weird because it was so long ago, but yeah, when I left I had a little cry.

Obviously the whole experience was a bit of a rollercoaster for me. Whilst in the experience I thought it was a real positive one. Watching it back, it kind of looked like I was on trial the whole time and my crime was having a past. [laughs] But all in all, it was a positive experience. I thought I had a really good connection with Jimmy and I made such amazing friends the whole experience.

PTV: Going back to hometowns, did you know your friend Rochelle was going to tell Jimmy about your ex?

JL: No, and that was so weird – such an irrelevant relationship to bring up, just because it was seven years ago. I was 26 – I’m 32 now – and I literally dated the guy for a couple of months. So yeah, it was quite the irrelevant relationship to bring up, so that caught me off guard – especially because it was made to be a big deal.

PTV: Do you know why she brought it up?

JL: I actually don’t know why, there could’ve been some reason – I don’t know. I have no idea.

PTV: Have you spoken to her since? 

JL: I have! I probably can’t go into it though. Yeah, it’s definitely irrelevant.

PTV: So just to clear this up, you dated the Bachelor New Zealand before he was the Bachelor New Zealand?

JL: Yes! So when I dated him, he wasn’t the Bachelor. He wasn’t that well known, he was an opera singer in New Zealand, that not many people knew. I only found out he was going to be the Bachelor of New Zealand about seven days before I went into filming. And I thought that was really funny [laughs].

PTV: Your friend also mentioned to Jimmy that you want to be a presenter. Is that true?

JL: Yeah, so that was taken out of context as well, which was unfortunate. So I’m a nutritionist and I’ve always wanted to help people on a wider scale, so doing nutrition presenting is something I’m really interested in. And I have done it before in a previous job, back in New Zealand.  So unfortunately, that was taken out of context on the show, which was a shame. But I guess it is what it is.

So yeah, that’s clearing it up a bit. I feel like there were so many things that were bought up and made to be a big deal that really weren’t.

PTV: How did it feel to have rumour after rumour sent your way? 

JL: I know, I know. I definitely had a target on my back from day one after I got the Business Lounge key. The rumours that the girls had said to me all really caught me off guard, because I thought I had a good relationship with all of the girls. I don’t think I was horrible to anyone, I was always quite nice – it caught me off guard.

PTV: Do you know how the runner-up rumour started?

JL: Oh my god, okay I – this is really funny, because I didn’t even know coming runner-up was a thing. Like, coming runner-up was better than winning, because I just don’t think being rejected on national TV would be a good thing at all. I actually thought it was hilarious and I had no idea where it would have come up from!

So I just have to laugh at this point – even at the time, I was so shocked because prior to Jimmy asking me that, I had heard girls had said other rumours about me, which were quite funny. But that was one rumour that I hadn’t heard of myself yet, so when Jimmy said that to me I was like, ‘Oh my god, there’s another one?’ I just had to laugh, I think in the show I kind of laugh when he said it because I was just so over it by then.

PTV: How many rumours were there in the end? Were there any others that we didn’t hear?

JL: There was the kids one – me not wanting to have kids, my mum would kill me if she thought I didn’t want to have kids. The presenting one was taken out of context, there was the runner-up one, and then one of Jimmy’s comments about me wanting to bag another Bachelor, which was so not true [laughs].

PTV: Did anybody in the mansion confront you about the rumours, or was this all happening behind your back? 

JL: No! I didn’t even know. So I think – um, when Jimmy confronted me about the runner-up one, I didn’t even know that it was Tahnee that it had told him that. So I had no idea. It wasn’t until I confronted the girls at the campsite that I realised it was her. And I was shocked, because I had just assumed it was somebody else. So that caught me off guard.

PTV: So the last few episodes have been focused on the rumours, what didn’t we get to see of your time with Jimmy?

JL: There were so many things not shown, so many nice times with Jimmy weren’t shown, which was such a shame. I think what you saw on TV, it just showed so much of the drama, which was such a small part of it. And it’s such a shame because Jimmy and I did spend a lot of nice time together, and we did have a really, really good connection, I think.

Even at the end when I left – you didn’t see it on TV – we both bawled our eyes out crying and they didn’t even show that. I was just like, ‘Oh, you couldn’t even give me that!’

PTV: What was the goodbye like? 

JL: Leading up to that day, I kind of had an inkling I was leaving. Because on the single date he was still questioning my integrity, so I was like, ‘This isn’t a good sign’. So, I think I prepared myself to leave that night and I thought I’d be fine. You’ll be fine, don’t cry. And then as he walked me to the limo and he said goodbye, he just started crying. And then I just started bawling my eyes out and we just hugged each other for so long.

PTV: Who do you think Jimmy’s going to choose? 

JL: Oh, do you know what? I actually don’t know who wins. I didn’t know what his connections were like with the other girls when I was in the experience, because I didn’t see it. But by watching the TV, you can just tell how in love he is with Brooke. I know she’s saying all these things that he probably doesn’t want to hear, but he keeps going – keeps her on. So I think it might be Brooke at the end.

PTV: Was there anything else you wanted to add?

JL: Nothing really! I think the whole experience was great and I just wanted to set the record straight for the people who are watching. There is no way that I would put myself through that for a blue tick, to become an influencer, for thousands of followers. I’m sorry, but it’s just not something I’d do.

I’m upset about – I’ve been misconstrued and that’s a shame, but hopefully with these interviews I can set the record straight.

The Bachelor Australia finale airs tonight 7.30pm, on Channel 10.

Image: Network 10