As someone who has spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about The Bachelor Australia (I work here, I also do the recaps, I also just love the show), I think I’m informed enough to make a mildly educated guess as to what might happen now it’s season finale week.

So what I am saying is, hear me out. I know some shit. I don’t know enough shit to tell you any ACTUAL secrets, but I know how this show works and I also know they love a curve ball, a big spicy enchilada of a twist. And my twist theory is this – Elly is going to make a return.

I’ve Got This Wild Theory That Elly’s Going To Dramatically Return To The ‘Bachie’ Mansion
yeah you better run, Abbie

Here’s my very over-thought reasonings for this wild theory.

1. This Season Has Been All About Twists

I’ve Got This Wild Theory That Elly’s Going To Dramatically Return To The ‘Bachie’ Mansion

This whole season has turned the Aussie franchise and it’s general “rules” on it’s head. The time they made all the women “take the initiative” and grab date cards to chat to Matt? The time Elly took Matt on a mini date during the red carpet walk? When Helena took Matt for a chat mid-rose ceremony? There’s been a lot of rule-breaking going on, all in the name of spicing a (frankly) mildly stale series up.

So why not do something insane like bringing Elly back? But you need more foundation for this theory. You need…

2. WTF Was With Her Exit?

Usually when someone the Bachelor seems to like gets dramatically booted, it’s set up during that episode that things have soured between them. Take Brooke, for example. She seemed totally keen on Honey Badger until her last episode, when suddenly she had major doubts and left. I know that’s not an example of the Bachelor booting a favourite at random, but the point is – there’s at least one episode of “reasons” for someone who is a front-runner getting the boot.

With Elly, we did see her bitching about Abbie to Matt twice, which made us question whether he was going to start cooling on her due to her mildly catty behaviour. But Matt didn’t have any talking head moments where he was like “I dunno about Elly now”, if anything he talked about wondering whether all these people telling him Abbie was bad news meant Abbie WAS bad news.

Then suddenly he’s ditching her at the rose ceremony? Even Elly was like “I don’t understand”. Neither did we, girl.

3. Abbie’s Legit-ness Is Still Up In The Air

Look I’ve come around to Abbie a bit. I don’t think the girl is as cookie-cutter evil as fans are making her out to be (or the show, really). She seems like she *might* have a genuine connection with Matt, beyond just sexual chemistry. They laugh together. They seem to enjoy each other’s company.

But then hometowns happened. Did anyone else feel like Abbie seemed really fake during that episode? IDK, I just got this vibe like she was working really hard to “make” chemistry with Matt – playing up the sexual vibes, saying all the right things. Even when she said “I’m falling in love with you” I didn’t buy it.

There’s a chance – maybe – that Matt is thinking Abbie is fake, and potentially something may happen where he has a realisation that he made a grave error in sending Elly home over Abbie.

4. OK, There’s Her Socials…

And the stuff she’s said in interviews, particularly how she said Matt’s not her type and she’s more a Honey Badger gal (same tbh).

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Where do I start? What an amazing, journey I have been on this year.. 6 months off work, taking a leap of faith going on @thebachelorau at a chance of finding love! For me, that did not happen! And honestly, I am not mad about it one little bit! I made friendships with some truly amazing women and shared in an experience with them that tested us all beyond what you could imagine. I have since ventured off to Europe with my amazing sister @happylittlebeckymite ! I’m choking up as I write this because it was honestly the most life changing trip. The fun I had is difficult to put into words… I have for sure been bitten by that pesty travel bug. So many more wonderful people have made their way into my life from that trip that I just couldn’t imagine being without. I am beyond grateful for this year.. it wasn’t my year for love but it sure was my year for friendship and adventure. It’s been the best year yet and I bloody can’t wait to see what the future has in store! All of my love to everyone who has supported me and joined me on this journey, your kindness fills my heart with so much happiness ????????

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^^^ there’s also that big blurb about not finding love. But guys – these producers are FIRE. They are good at what they do. And what better way to pull the wool over our eyes than to script Elly’s exit so it all seems legit? It’s not batshit for her to end up with Matt and then take a Euro trip with her sister while the show airs.

It’s also a great throw-off to say you’re not into Matt (as long as he knows you’re kidding. Otherwise it would be pretty mean).

4. So Here’s How I Think It’ll Go Down

I’ve Got This Wild Theory That Elly’s Going To Dramatically Return To The ‘Bachie’ Mansion

IF this theory comes true, here’s how I’m picturing it. We have the next lot of dates. Then during the cocktail party, maybe something is said to Matt about Abbie again. Maybe he sees something go down, or the producers show him some spicy BTS footage??? IDK, some ~realisation~ moment happens for him.

Or maybe, he just voices more doubts about Abbie, and whether he made the right decision sending Elly home.

In a shock twist during the cocktail party, Matt makes an announcement. He’s made a big mistake, he sent Elly home prematurely.

Elly walks in like the cat that got the fucking CREAM, baby.

Then Osher makes a shock announcement. There’s going to be TWO eliminations tonight.

Helena and Abbie go home, and we’ve got Elly and Chelsie in the finale.

Guys. It’s a stretch. But it could happen. Right?

Image: The Bachelor Australia