Next to Christmas and New Years, the happiest time of the year is no doubt Bachelor season and with the Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins season officially underway, it’s time to let the festivities begin.

Now that we’ve been introduced to the ladies who’ll no doubt be the discussion of every group chat across the country for the next few months, we thought we’d add fodder to your cannons by giving you a rundown of where you can find each lass on the ol’ Insta.

The network has certainly picked some doozies this year from crystal obsessed Cayla to princess partygoer Steph. Also, don’t make my mistake of wondering why Vanessa Sunshine named her kid Maine Coon, as referenced in her bio. She does not have a kid (that we know of), she is referring to her cat…

… yep.

Anyway, let the stalking begin! We’ve picked out some highlights but obviously feel free to go deep into 563 day old posts.

Cayla Tudehope (@loveloons)

You know, the chick with the crystals and auras and energy healings.

Vanessa Sunshine (@vanessa.sunshine)

Proud mum to a cat because of course she is.

Christina Karklis (@christinajkarklis)

Okay so she did NOT wear this eye makeup on the show.

A n o t h e r ☝???? thanks for painting my face @dollymaymakeupartist

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What a cracker of a day ????✨ #fomo

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Steph Crothers (@stepcrothers)

Um shit she’s an actual fairy you guys.

Aleksandra Sekuloska (@aleksandra.s16)

Some strong-ass festival vibes in here.

Emily Dibden (@emilydibden)

{REPOST}__ @nationalcapitalballet Want to look trim in 2018? Sign up for Emily’s adult ballet or Latin classes & get fit now! ???? Emily started dancing in Canberra with Irish dancing, classical ballet, jazz and contemporary dance styles. At the age of 13 Emily was awarded a full scholarship to the McDonald College of Dance were she studied classical and contemporary dance for 2 years. In this time she had performed and taken master classes in various venues in the USA and the UK. When Emily was 15 she was awarded a full scholarship to attend the National College Of Dance in Newcastle were she completed her Cert 4 and Diploma in Dance Performance. In this time Emily had performed and competed at the iconic Sydney Opera House and had travelled again to America, New Zealand and Singapore to auditions and competitions. After successfully auditioning for the Miami City Ballet School in Florida and The Alvin Ailey School in New York, Emily continued her dancing career with the Miami City Ballet School where she was also awarded a scholarship. After returning from the states, Emily extended her passion for dance into many other dance styles including latin salsa, samba, bachata and zouk. Emily went on to perform and teach at the New Zealand Brazilian Dance Festival, Helsinki Zouk Festival, Sydney Bachata Festival, Dou Doule Latin Dance Camp, Sydney International Latin Festival and many more. Emily also competed in the Australian Salsa Open latin dance competition placing second in the professional zouk category. To book a spot email us on-

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Renée Cuzens (@reneecuz)



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Ashlea Harvey (@ashlea_harvey)

Wait is that her kid? Do we have a single mum on the show? How did we miss this?

Merry Christmas from us ????????????????

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Dasha Gaivoronski (@dashbody_)

YASSS the sexual Russian queen!

Name a bigger sweet tooth. I’ll wait ????????????‍♀️ This peanut caramel coated green apple is ???? My face is all covered in peanut butter as I type this and I swear I’m the happiest kid right now. Food generally doesn’t excite me but certain sweets… I’ve tried to quit sugar, tried to replace with ‘clean healthy’ treats – nothing worked. So I just gave up and started enjoying what the world of refined sugar has to offer ????????????‍♀️ . TAG the biggest sweet tooth you know below ❤️ . Покажите мне того, кто любит сладкое больше, чем человек на фотографии, уверена второго такого найти просто невозможно ????????????‍♀️ Это карамельно-арахисовое зеленое яблоко просто ???? Я не делаю культа из еды и, в целом, ем одно и то же каждый день, но когда дело доходит до сладкого… Сколько раз пыталась перестать есть сахар, сколько ни пробовала заменить ‘полезными’ младостями – все бесполезно. Сдалась и просто наслаждаюсь миром рафинированного сахара ????????‍♀️#maybeimnotsweetenough #sweettooth

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Rhiannon Doherty (@rhi.zee)

Serving up holiday realness.

Someone’s Gotta Do It ????

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Romy Poulier (@romypoulier_)

Ah the classic ‘I woke up like this’ frown.

Kayla Gray (@kaylagray1)

Wet Kayla, who will always be known for jumping in the pool in the first ep.

Filter Friday ????

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Alisha Aitken-Radburn (@lish13)

Alisha, the show’s unofficial narrator.

Tenille Favios (@tenillefavios)

No pics of her smashing plates tho?

Just a small roadie

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Shannon Baff (@shannon_baff)

See, she’s a Cool Girl.

Cass Wood (@casswood)

Pictured before the horror of running into her former hookup on a reality show.

Positivity will take you everywhere. #keepsmiling

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Brooke Ashley (@b_rooklynb)

This explains the abs she had goin’ on in the premiere.

???? DBD = death by deadlift. 95kg club

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Brittany Hockley (@brittany_hockley)

Not pictured: her preschool pics with Badge.

Sophie Tieman (@sophie.tieman)

The rumoured front-runner looks gorg of course.

Girls weekends are the best weekends ☀️

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Cat Henesy-Smith (@cat_henesey)


Wine and good times ???? @lafincabali

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Juliana King (@mermaid.witha.message)

She doesn’t wear shoes because she’s REAL.

Blair Tommy (@blair.j.tommy)

Okay we literally don’t remember seeing this person in the episode.

School holidays, you got me feeling like Cathy Freeman

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