The Bachelor Shares Best Entrances Ahead Of Tonight’s Premiere & Fuck We’ve Had Some Doozies

Tonight’s the night, kids. The brand new season of The Bachelor kicks off, and with it a fresh batch of tea will be spilled, I’m sure.

Ahead of the premiere, The Bachelor Instagram shared a highlights reel, featuring the best-ever Bachie entrances and fuck me, we’ve had some wild ones that you may have forgotten about, but absolutely need to remember.

From cartwheels, to rollerblades, to rose balloons, and, of course, Gemini qween Abbie Chatfield, that Bachie Mansion driveway has seen it all, and it’s about to see a lot more (including a fkn penguin) tonight.

But first, have a peek at the best Bachie entrances ever:

A coupla days back, we were introduced to the lucky ladies who will be vying for the heart of Locky Gilbert with the following piccy shared to Insta:

ICYMI: We’ve pulled together a guide about each gal, including where to follow them on the ol’ Instagram, so head here and let the stalking begin.

The Bachelor kicks off tonight at 7:30 on Ten.