I Just Found A Pic Of Our New Bachie From 2012 & Can Larry Emdur Pls Explain WTF Is Going On?

Following the announcement of the brand new Bachie, one Mr Jimmy Nicholson, I’ve been scouring the internet in search of any tea about the bloke that I can find.

Sadly, most of his social media accounts have either been deactivated or set to private, presumably at the hands of The Bachelor Australia producers, but I’ve still managed to cop a whole heap of tea about the man (have a read here for everything we’ve learned so far).

When I did a lil Google searchy-wearchy, I found that he has a Twitter account that has mysteriously been taken down, but I managed to find a post that he was once tagged in back in 2012. The pic was posted by none other than Aussie telly personality, Larry Emdur.

“Our son Jye was on Price 18yrs ago as a baby in a pram … He came back in tonight ..that’s him with me & @james_nich,” Larry Emdur tweeted.

The pic shows Larry Emdur alongside his son Jye Emdur who is riding an exercise bike, along with a shirtless Jimmy Nicholson.

Erm, could someone pls explain what on god’s green earth is going on here?

Larry? Care to weigh in?

According to sneaky Google and LinkedIn deets, Jimmy Nicholson has been signed with Chadwick Models in Sydney since 2011, so I’m guessing this was some kind of weird-ass modelling gig?

Ya know how you always see hot, shirtless models testing out BS exercise equipment on morning shows, all the while regretting their life choices? I’m guessing that’s what this is.

But never fear, all you Bachelor hopefuls, testing out the new flab blaster on morning telly isn’t Jimmy’s only talent (not that he has any flab to blast), he’s also a skilled and successful pilot once employed by Jetstar AND he has a Bachelor of Business Administration (I feel like there’s a Bachelor joke in there somewhere).

The 2021 season of The Bachelor is currently being filmed, and will likely premiere after Easter, at which time I’m assuming his Instagram will go off private so we can do a full deep-dive into his ‘gram. Cannot bloody wait, my friends.