The All-Female ‘Ghostbusters’ Cast Is Confirmed, And It’s A Freakin’ Dream Team

Better charge up those proton packs, kids. Something strange really is about to hit your neighbourhood.

The long talked about, much rumoured, various versioned, developmentally on again/off again third instalment in the Ghostbusters franchise just took one huge, giant leap towards actually coming to fruition.
After protracted – and ultimately unsuccessful – attempts to wrangle the original cast back to complete this particular rule of three, which were hampered by Bill Murray‘s constant holding out, and scuttled altogether by the untimely passing of Harold Ramis, director Paul Feig reconceived the project as a reboot sporting an all-female cast.
Now we know exactly who that cast will consist of, and HOLY FREAKING MACKEREL it rules.
Along with Melissa McCarthy, who we already knew to be circling one of the roles, comes the news that the studio has pegged Kristen Wiig and current SNL featured players Leslie Jones, and (the beyond brilliant) Kate McKinnon to step into the green/grey overalls and fill out the core of the cast.
Though names are yet to be signed on dotted lines, the casting is as good as locked in. Feig himself posted the following to Twitter a few hours ago.

Wiig and McCarthy are of course no strangers to working with Feig, having previously teamed up on the runaway smash hit Bridesmaids. The addition of McKinnon and Jones – both stupendously hilarious and versatile, making them standouts of the current SNL class – only serves to bolster what’s turned out to be one of the strongest casts for a comedy in quite some time.

For all the long and drawn out hurdles that have hampered dipping back into this particular spooky well in the past, now it seems like a Ghostbusters reboot in 2015 is poised to be as good as it could possibly have ever been.
The production is eyeing off a shooting schedule that will commence at some point during the upcoming American summer.
Photo: Kevin Winter via Getty Images.