The 1st Pics Of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Are Out & It Looks Colourful As Hell

I know it sometimes feels like we’re hitting severe Marvel fatigue, where every new release in the Cinematic Universe feels a little bit samey – and we end up screaming for more unique takes like Guardians of the Galaxy or even Doctor Strange.

But Thor: Ragnarok looks like it might actually be a real fun time. First of all, its directed by Kiwi genius Taika Waititi, who has incredible visual and comic sensibility. And second, Waititi has confirmed that he’s really going for a Masters of the Universe Saturday morning cartoon vibe with this one – a big shift from the drearier, mostly serious angle of the first two Thors.
Now we’ve got our first peek at Ragnarok via Entertainment Weekly and HOO BOY it looks colourful and bright as hell. The glimpses at the design really do look like superhero cartoons. Take a squiz:
The plot apparently concerns Thor being banished to a new planet where he has to fight in some kind of gladitorial, Mortal Kombat style tournament. The planet’s favourite fighter is none other than the Hulk.
It sounds like shitloads of fun and I’m massively keen for it. See the rest of the pics over at EW.
Source: EW.
Photo: EW.