The 1st Aussie Crew Invited Inside South Park Studios Had A Total Nerdgasm

For those of you who nerd out on TV production, South Parks Studios exists as something of a weird mecca – a well-oiled machine of chaos that operates as its own self-sustaining entity, outside of the usual avenues of television production.

The house of South Park runs an absolutely insane production schedule that sees each episode of the iconic animated series created from scratch, and put to air, inside just six days.
The seriously vital mini-documentary Days To Air: The Making of South Park first introduced everyone to just how completely fucking nuts the South Park production is back in 2011, with the documentary shining a light on how Trey Parker and Matt Stone somehow manage to function and thrive in that environment.
Fast forward to this year, and the team is not only in the middle of preparing for South Park‘s historic 20th season, but they’re also in the middle of bringing their Tony Award-winning musical The Book of Mormon out to Australia, with the show set to open in Melbourne in January 2017.
Marc Fennell and SBS‘s The Feed made history by becoming the very first Australian film crew invited to, and allowed into, South Park Studios for an in-depth look at South Park‘s production and creative process, as well as a revealing and surprisingly candid chat with Parker and Stone about the show.
Among other things, Parker revealed that the season 10 episode Make Love, Not Warcraft” had to more or less be pried out of his hands and put on the air, as he hated it so much at the time and thought it was tarnishing the show’s legacy. The episode went to become one of the most well-received and beloved episodes in the history of the show.
The whole thing is a wildly interesting watch, if only for the bits where Fennell is clearly having a glorious little nerdish meltdown.


Source: SBS2.