In the future when we’re all hurtling through space in our retirement village rockets, I’m almost certain all of our old-person stories we regale to each other as the desolate husk of Earth floats past the window will begin with: “Do you all remember that one meme…?”

That Weird Viral Barking Bloke From 2009 Just Did An Interview W/ Ray Martin

“I remember where I was when I first saw…”

Memes are life and memes are forever and if you need any reminding, have a look at this slice of new internet content, already feasting heartedly on our nostalgia for viral things of yore.

Eight years after he first made online waves and gave birth to one of the world’s earlier memes ‘Pyscho Dog Man’, the cooked old dude who barked like a dog on ‘A Current Affair‘ is BACK BABY and this morning he got interviewed by esteemed journalist Ray Martin, because this is the world we live in now.

If you need a remindo on how Psycho Dog Man, aka Ray Graham, first discovered sparing fame, here ya go:

Yep, all it took to go viral as hell back in 2009 was make foul guttural noises on a nightly current affairs show. A lost era…

Jump ahead to today and old mate is still kicking around town, unable to shake the tenuous fame he once encountered with the interview with Ray Martin going down on Central Coast radio show ‘Bree and Gawndy’.

Check in with the mad bastard via the audio below and as always from us at P.TV, sweet memes.


Picture: A Current Affair.