Thanos Showed Up On ‘The Simpsons’ Because Sure, Why The Hell Not

Well into 2019 and beyond, The Simpsons persists. Which means more episodes, which means more couch gags, which means more crossovers with other existing pop culture properties. Almost inevitably, we’ve got a Marvel Cinematic Universe crossover which now puts Springfield in the same established world as Stark Tower. Or, y’know, something like that.

On yesterday’s mid-season return, The Simpsons continued their 30th (THIRTIETH) season with a gag straight out of Infinity War, thanks to a cheeky appearance from Thanos who rocked up to 742 Evergreen Terrace and utilised the power of Maggie‘s pacifier to power up the Infinity Gauntlet and erase every member of the family except for Maggie herself.

Grim. Real grim. And it only gets grimmer when you consider the implications:

Is Maggie’s pacifier a secret, unheard of Infinity Stone that gifts the gauntlet power to erase specific, individual people on command?

Is Maggie secretly a daughter of Thanos? Is this why he was so willing to off Gamora? Or, if not, did Maggie hate her family so much that she somehow made a deal with the universe’s ultimate villain?

Maybe it turns out Maggie wasn’t such an innocent party in the shooting of Mr Burns after all.

The only logical conclusion to draw from all of this? Jail the baby. Jail the criminal baby immediately.