Someone leaked texts between MAFS groom Bryce Ruthven, somehow the most dud male contestant in a sea of duds on this year’s season, and last year’s Connie Crayden.

For context: on the radio earlier this month, Bryce was asked about a rumour that he had hooked up with fan fave Connie. He denied it, but not before offering this charming insight.

“Ugh, Connie,” he said. “Does she look like my type of girl?”

So Connie told The Wash what really went down – he interviewed her on the radio during her MAFS stint, then invited her to lunch at his house with his then-fiancée, Lana Bongioletti.

After Bryce and Lana broke up, Bryce would ask Connie for advice from a woman’s perspective, she said. But, “when we spoke he’d always twist things and make them flirtatious” and would “hyper-sexualise” what she said and push her boundaries. 

“It was getting too hard to have a friendship with him. It was almost like he was using me as a way to get over his breakup,” she said. She was so put off by his language she blocked him absolutely everywhere.   

Now Woman’s Day have leaked text messages between Connie and Bryce, and surprise, surprise, Bryce does not come off well.

Connie explained to Woman’s Day that the “conversations would start off quite platonic”, before descending into something more “flirtatious and sexualised”. In person, too, he was “direct” and “inappropriate”, she said.

The leaked texts, seemingly sent while Bryce was still engaged to Lana, appear to show Bryce hitting on Connie, only for her to reject his advances unequivocally.

In one exchange, he asked if she was a “kiss on a first date kind of person”, asking if doing so crossed her mind when they got together.

“No it didn’t actually,” she replied.

He said he got the “vibe” that it might have occurred to her, all while vigorously denying he had the same thought. “I just wouldn’t have disrespected Lana,” he overexplained.

Sure, Bryce.

In April last year he asked, “You chatting with many other guys at the moment?”

She said she wasn’t, and he added: “I’ll selfishly say I hope you don’t come across another guy.”

She shut that TF down quicksmart: “Mate, you’re engaged. You can’t have best of both worlds.”

The most outstanding part of it all? The way Connie rejects his advances with a sly “dude” and “mate”. She’s NOT INTERESTED.

“I would always say to him these conversations are inappropriate,” she told Woman’s Day. “It’s making me feel so guilty as a woman for Lana.”

You can read the full messages on Woman’s Day for a primo example of how to bluntly reject a man’s dodgy advances. It certainly makes it seem like the rumours about Bryce that he’s a serial cheater who had a secret gf during filming seem a bit more legit.

Let’s see what fuckery Bryce Ruthven gets up to tonight on MAFS. Can’t hardly wait.