Terry Richardson Shoots The Cast Of Gossip Girl

Blake Lively and Leighton Meester share some suggestive confectionery in the latest issue of Rolling Stone with a cover that can only be described as pant tightening. No surprise really, the nubile cast of Gossip Girl need little help in the sex appeal stakes but when Terry Richardson is behind the lens it’s like fishing with dynamite. Really hot dynamite.

The cast were a tad apprehensive when arriving on set…

“They didn’t tell us anything about the concept,” Blake Lively says. “We didn’t know we’d have any props, but we saw this big fun table — like a kid’s birthday party. Um, some of it was a little mature for a kid’s birthday party. Some of the … inflatable items. But it’s all been a surprise; it’s been really fun.”

“He had some hot dogs. I’m worried what’s gonna happen with the hot dogs,” Badgley said upon arriving at the shoot. “I was thinking the exact same thing!” added Taylor Momsen.

See Photos Via Rolling Stone

Title Image by Rachel Murray