Terry Crews Says The All-New Season Of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Will Air In January

Just casually, human sunshine Terry Crews may or may not have spoiled the news of the official release date for Brooklyn Nine-Nine season six.

I mean, he said it but uh, NBC has not actually confirmed it or released an official statement about it, yet.

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So, here’s what happened. A few days ago Crews, who plays Sergeant Terry Jeffords, hopped on the ol’ Instagram while on set to share a little live message with his fans. Part of his message was an announcement for season six, specifically that the latest season would premiere on NBC in January.


Fan account Booklyn 99 Updates (@UPDATESb99) thankfully saved the Instagram Live Story before it expired and shared it on their Twitter. 

“It’s the deal, man. I’m so happy man, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is coming back in January on NBC,” Crews says.

Was Terry allowed to do that? Does Terry know this is important information? Did Terry eat too many tracking devices? TERRY ARE YOU OKAY?

Prior to this, the only knowledge of a premiere date was “mid-season” 2019 which roughly translates to early 2019.

Naturally, publications in the United States have gone straight to the network to seek confirmation. One of these included TheWrap but interestingly, NBC declined to officially comment. However, a source did tell the outlet that an ~ official ~ announcement about season six is on its way so perhaps Crews got a little too excited.

In Australia, you can expect to watch the latest season of the hit series on SBS Viceland. The goodies will be fast-tracked which means you won’t have to… you know… install a very strong adblocker.


But, if Crews is on the money here, then – as our beloved Captain-but-now-probably-Commissioner Holt would say:

In the meantime, Brooklyn Nine-Nine seasons one to five are available for your bingeing pleasure on Netflix, now.