John Cleese, the estranged great-uncle of your wildest dreams, has signed himself onto a brand new BBC sitcom – his first since a lil’ show called Fawlty Towers. 

Sure, Cleese has chipped in guest appearances on UK TV and even sprung for a BBC documentary series a while back, but his return to scripted TV is dang momentous. 

Variety reports Cleese will star in Edith, which we can only assume will be far less twee than its title. The 77-year-old comedy mainstay will play lovestruck Phil alongside Alison Steadman’s eponymous widow Edith.

Of course, it’s a comedy with John bloody Cleese in it, so things have to go to shit at some point. Apparently, the couple’s plan to wed will be rudely interrupted by Edith’s 50-something spawn son and his fam. 

Cleese, who famously said he’d never work with the Beeb again over their editorial practices, said “these are the most enjoyable scripts I’ve been sent in the last 100 years.”

There’s no set timeframe for when the six-part series will emerge, but hot damn, the man will be back in action.

Now, enjoy some Cleese gifs. 

Source: Variety / Vulture.
Photo: James D. Morgan / Getty.