Teepees & Cocoa Pops: All The Deets From Margot Robbie’s Secret Wedding

You might have heard: Margot Robbie married her long-time BF Tom Ackerley in a super secret wedding in Byron Bay.

The two met in 2013 on the set of World War II drama Suite Française, and have been low key in love ever since.


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After much media speculation, Margot confirmed the marriage by giving the (ring) finger on Instagram, and now the details are coming to light. It’s understood that Margot + Tom declined to sell their wedding pics to a mag for tens of thousands of dollars, instead opting to keep the thing as private and low-key as possible.

Here’s what we know so far.


It’s been widely reported now that the wedding was at a private property in Coorabell in the Byron Bay hinterland. Paparazzi shots show a white teepee with cascading fairy lights, rolling green hills, and a gated pool with the kind of lawn that requires a gardener to measure each blade of grass with a ruler. 


Ahhhh, the dress. So important, so defining. It’s both a piece of fabric to separate your naked bod from your friends + fam, AND it’s a statement about who you are as a person / what you deem dropping $$$ on.

Margot opted for an off-the-shoulder lacy number that looked like a much, much nicer version of those curtain runners your nan has over her windows. It’s believed to be Oscar de la Renta. Also, Margot was barefoot. Marry me.


Yes, she had both of those. The hair was soft and relaxed, with loose curls floating around her face and the rest swept behind in possibly a low pony or braid, while the make-up was probably non-existent because she hit the once-a-year jackpot in the genetics department. Alternatively, it was a soft pink lip.


Sixteen in total. Margot was apparently walked down the aisle by her mum Sarie Kessler, which is cute as hell.


The affair was apparently v. lowkey, with just 50 or so close friends and fam. Guests were apparently not told about the location until they arrived in order to keep the secret, and were told instead to assemble at different locations from Byron Bay to the Gold Coast, where they were collected by buses.

On arrival, guests had to hand in their mobile phones and cameras, which is a bugger for face-swapping with granddad.


Pizza for the main course and coco-pops for dessert, apparently, because this girl isn’t cool enough.


Hmmm. There aren’t any – not official ones, anyway. News.com.au‘s got a few pap shots, otherwise keep your eyes peeled on Margot’s brother’s friend’s Instagram.

Otherwise… here’s Margot & Tom looking heaps cute at a different wedding a few months ago, which is almost definitely the same thing.

Shout out to Granny B + M in the back!

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Photo: Instagram / Margot Robbie.