A Pennsylvanian teen has been arrested for sending his ex-girlfriend’s new boo a thoughtful, fun and interactive scratch-n-sniff birthday card LACED WITH RICIN inscribed with warm-wishes THAT HE BURN IN HELL and sealed with a kiss OF DEATH.

According to NBC Philadelphia, it’s the second time Nicholas Todd Helman, 19, had been arrested this month for sending ricin cards, naturally. 

Not content with simply judging photos of his ex-girlfriend’s paramour on social media, Helman decided to spill the beans* of his watertight scheme to his co-worker at Target, telling them he would send a scratch-and-sniff birthday card covered in ricin in the hope that he might rekindle his relationship with his ex. Helman’s co-worker promptly called the police; a hazmat team, SWAT team, police officers and officials with the FBI responded to that call. 

The plan – at best described as ‘flawed’ yet ‘sweet as Stevia’ – has resulted in Helman being charged with attempted murder. It’s the ricin on the cake, if you will.


*Ricin is made from castor beans.

Teen Arrested For Sending Ricin Scratch-n-Sniff To Ex-Girlfriend’s New Boo

via NBC