Fuck You Nate, So Hard

ted lasso season 2 finale

If you caught the Ted Lasso season 2 finale last night then, much like me, you probably have only one thing to say: fuck you Nate. Fuck. You.

After Nate (Nick Mohammed) leaked that Ted (Jason Sudekis) had a panic attack in the middle of an important game to The Independent’s fictional sports reporter Trent Crimm (James Lance), we had already grown to hate him.

Then we watched as his jealousy and toxic feelings of abandonment and neglect led him to openly bully the new kit man Will (Charlie Hiscock) and Colin (Billy Harris).

But, after last night’s episode, it’s clear there’s no redemption plan in store for the bloke formerly known as Nate The Great.

In case you missed it and want to be spoiled, Nate – butthurt by apparent ‘abandonment’ – verbally abused Ted’s wholesome ass, RIPPED UP the “Believe” sign hanging in the locker room like a true psycho and yeeted over to Rupert’s (Anthony Head) crew as a coach, presumably in preparation of wreaking havoc as our Bond-style villain in Season 3.

“You made me feel like I was the most important person in the whole world and then, you abandoned me,” Nate tells Ted.

“And I worked my ass off trying to get your attention back. To prove myself to you. To make you like me again. But the more I did, the less you cared. It’s like I’m fucking invisible.”

“Everybody loves you. The great Ted Lasso, well I think you’re a fucking joke.”


Remember Nate, the sweet and earnest water boy turned coach from season one who owed a big part of his success to Mr. Lasso? Well, now he’s Nate the football coach who just stabbed Ted and his kind soul in the back.

According to Mohammed, while Nate’s behaviour this season isn’t something he condones, it makes sense when you realise what he’s been through.

“Season 2 is jam-full of microaggressions against Nate, from Ted laughing at the prospect of Nate being a ‘big dog’, to Roy not being bothered that Nate made an inappropriate move on Keeley, to him not receiving a Nespresso machine,” he said.

“The latter for me is a great example of jokes having consequences which Jason has spoken about a lot. It feels like a joke (and is essentially played that way in the scene) but you know this is the kind of stuff that is ripping Nate in two.”

Interestingly, it’s worth noting that Nate’s season 2 villain arc can be visually traced over the season by his hair gradually turning grey. Initially, there are very few but by the final shot of the season, when we learn that Nate has fucked off to coach Rupert’s team, his hair is full white.

Speaking with Variety, Mohammed said that it was an intentional decision inspired by the actor’s own “few flecks of grey” and was used to “track his descent”. I guess that’s the price you pay when you act like a mega dick to your friends.

Anyway, some of us, like PEDESTRIAN.TV’s own Josephine Rozenberg-Clarke, had hoped that Nate would be redeemed in the Ted Lasso season 2 finale. I mean, it worked for Richmond FC boss Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham) and their star player Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster) from season one to season two. But, I guess life is not all that simple; or at least not clearly defined by short-lived conflicts with an immediate and easy resolution.

Maybe Nate will come crawling back to Ted in season 3 or maybe he’ll continue to ruin his career and personal growth under Rupert’s leadership. Either way, for now, all I gotta say is: fuck you Nate, soooo fucking hard.

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