The Ted Bundy Doco Has A Chilling New Trailer If You’re Keen To Get Spooked

The past half-dozen years have proven we’re still a vicarious lot. Consider all of the true crime series which have captured (kidnapped?) our imaginations over that time: Making A Murderer. Serial. Teacher’s Pet. Audiences want justice for the victims of those harrowing crimes, but we’re also happy to absorb all the gory details along the way.

[jwplayer 5gwcMlvs]

That makes the upcoming Ted Bundy documentary so interesting: we know the American killed more than 30 women and girls in his godforsaken time on Earth, and we know he was executed for those crimes almost exactly 30 years ago. There’s no immediately obvious quest for justice in Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, no journalistic prerogative outside of exploring the mind of one of history’s most depraved units. We might just want to luxuriate in his body count, learn to be wary of charming men with blue eyes, and be thankful our paths never crossed.

Shit, the just-released trailer for the four-part series even hints at the mysterious allure of killers like Bundy on folks who don’t actually want to die:

The series arrives on the platform on January 24, a full three decades after his life was ended in an electric chair.