Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Movie Merch Is Being Re-Sold For Ridic Prices & It’s Literally Plastic

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – no one rides harder for the things they love than the Swifties. Fans of Taylor Swift go harder than any fandom I’ve ever seen. So I wasn’t surprised when Swfities from the UK went absolutely feral for the exclusive popcorn buckets, drink bottles and cups available at cinemas showing Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie.

The film hit the big screen in the UK on Friday, prompting hoards of fans to sit tight for the three-hour show. And if they bought the strategically priced £19.89 combo deal ($38 AUD) – which is a homage to her hit album and the year our queen was born – fans would take home a limited edition bucket and cup with the Eras Tour poster on it.

A bunch of super fans and scalpers didn’t just pick up a popcorn bucket and a cup from their local cinema while watching the film. Oh no, they went to multiple to scope out the differences in the quality of the merch between different cinema chains.

But shortly after they became available, fans noticed that these items were listed on reselling websites like eBay for much, much more than £19.89.

According to The Daily Mail, at first combos of the popcorn bucket and cup were selling for £200. That’s a whopping $381.93 AUD. And while the market is a little bit more saturated now that the film has been out in the UK for almost a week, you can still find hiked-up prices online.

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Merch
Taylor Swift Eras Tour Merch
Would an Australian Swiftie pay the US$110.85 shipping? Food for thought.

Paying that amount of money for some plastic and aluminium – even with my favourite artist’s face on it – is too much for me. But that being said, I’m sad I don’t love anything in my life as much as Swifties love Taylor.

But that’s not the only drama surrounding the Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie. Ever since Swifties started to fill out cinemas, footage of the fans behaving like they’re at a concert emerged on social media. I’m talking moshing, dancing, holding hands and acting out something from a fkn horror movie.

While some people think this is totally fine, other people think it’s a ridiculous way to be behaving in the cinema.

Honestly, I reckon Swifties should pop off. They’re not hurting anyone and if they have enough cashola to spend the big bucks on a plastic cup, power to ’em.

The Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie is now screening in cinemas across Australia.