The One World: Together at Home concert special, organised by Lady Gaga, has just wrapped up. The show brought a host of incredible performances, but one of the most moving of these was by Taylor Swift, who appeared second-to-last.

Swift sat at a piano to perform ‘Soon You’ll Get Better‘, from last year’s Lover album. The emotional song was inspired by her mother’s cancer battle, and she said she would never perform it live, but made an exception for today’s show.

The song’s lyrics have a very obvious new resonance as the world grapples with the challenges of COVID-19, and you can watch her sing it below:

Following Taylor Swift, the show closed with Celine Dion, Lady Gaga, Lang Lang, Andrea Bocelli and John Legend, performing ‘The Prayer‘ from their living rooms, while harmonising together. It was a very moving effort from all:

Other highlights of the concert special included Billie Eilish and Finneas taking on ‘Sunny‘, and Jennifer Lopez covering Barbra Streisand while in a sweater under a very fancy tree, a huge mood if ever there was one.

Elsewhere in the show, Legend duetted with Sam SmithKacey Musgraves sang her song ‘Rainbow‘ and Elton John performed ‘I’m Still Standing‘ from underneath a basketball hoop in his backyard.