The Internet Has Extremely Strong Feelings About Taylor Swift’s New Album

As you must surely know by now, Taylor Swift is finally releasing new music after a three year-long drought, if you don’t count her Zayn Malik duo for the ‘Fifty Shades Darker‘ soundtrack (we don’t).

It’s called ‘Repuation’, and between that, the fake newspaper clippings and the snake videos (not to mention the extreme ’07 gothic font), it’s pretty clear that this album is going to be about celebrity, fame, and anyone who’s ever called her a snake.

She’s going in.

Taylor has always been a master of the media, but by mid 2016 her reputation was tanking. People were already questioning her #squad (which ones were real friendships, and which of the famous and beautiful was she using to prop her own popularity up with?), but the KimKanye-Taylor feud, the tabloid-friendly relationship with Tom Hiddleston, and the intense political climate of 2016 all left her good name somewhat bruised.

And now she’s packaged all that anger up into an album that’ll be blasting from now till next Christmas.


Reactions to Taylor’s imminent shade-throwing are extreme, as they absolutely should be.

They’re also really feeling her gothic look.

Some of them, anyway.

Eh, who cares, because maaaaaaah, the memes ‘r ‘ere!

The first single is out Friday. Get ready.