Taylor Swift is a meticulous planner who never does anything accidentally – every little detail is managed down to a fine point, every capitalised letter in every lyric sheet, and every palm tree in every Instagram post points to some hidden meaning, a mystery for fans to solve.

That’s why Swifties are so beside themselves about a cryptic email blast that went out earlier today from the official Taylor Swift store. The email started out normally enough, with a link to purchase merch from her new ‘Eras Collection’, but things quickly took an intriguing turn.

Have a look at the email in question, and then we’ll unpack it step by step:

Taylor Swift

The text starts with a small logo showing the letters ‘ts’ in lower-case letters. The meaning of his may seem ambiguous, but eagle-eyed fans will note that the letters T and S are actually Taylor Swift’s initials! It’s thoughtful little Easter eggs like this that set Taylor apart from the other pop girls.

Her mind!

The next paragraph reads:This is a basic template. Start by adding your logo and some stellar content.”

Lots to unpack here! Taylor has been rerecording her old tracks lately thanks to some contractual unpleasantness with Scooter Braun, and “basic template” could therefore be a reference to her 2014 bop ‘Blank Space‘. This means we could be getting a new take on that very soon – that would certainly be stellar content!

Next comes a tease of a possible career pivot: “You can drag content blocks from the left to add sections to your template.” Taylor Swift has been politically outspoken in recent times, coming out in support of various progressive causes and endorsing Democratic candidates in the 2018 US midterms.

She has already dragged proverbial “content blocks” from the political left, so could this reference to adding “new sections” to a template mean that she is planning a run for political office at some point soon?! Taylor, the gays need you in Washington to give us our rights – don’t let us down!

Then comes the big one: “Then, you can customize your template’s colors and fonts to match your own by clicking ‘Styles’ in the left navigation.”

Swifties, this is NOT a drill. As we all know, Taylor’s 2014 bop ‘Style‘ was about her ex Harry Styles, and if this email blast is to be believed, then things may not be over between them!!!!!

Taylor is, of course, happy with her current beau Joe Alwyn, but as she navigates towards the left and becomes more politically conscious, she’s telling us that she may be open to a reunion with gender-fluid fashion icon Styles.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, but this reference to matching “colors and fonts” really feels big – I can already see Taylor and Harry merging their personal palettes and looking at fabric swatches as they choose new curtains for her house in Connecticut … or maybe the White House!

Much to think about!

Up next, another teaser for a possible new release: Don’t forget to add images to the header to brand your email just the way you want.

As mentioned above, Taylor Swift is fastidious when it comes to branding, so this reference to adding images likely means that there’s some kind of visual album on the way from her in the next few months. Lemonade is shaking!

Here’s where things get a little scandalous: When you’re done, you can send your template as a newsletter campaign or use it in an automated email flow. We’ll save your design in case you want to tweak it later. Happy emailing!

The word ‘design’ is closely related to ‘style’, so this is more than likely another reference to Harry Styles. Reading between the lines here, it seems that when Taylor is “done” with current boyfriend Alwyn, she will “send” for Styles, in order to furiously “tweak” him in some way.

Get a room, you two!

Down the bottom of the email, things take a slightly confrontational turn, as Taylor, having spilled the proverbial tea, invites fans to ‘Unsubscribe’ if they no longer wish to receive her updates. Whoah girl, you need to calm down! The shade, the shade of it all.

The most cryptic bit of the email comes last, as Taylor leaves us with a number-based puzzle to solve. She writes that the address of Taylor Nation is 242 West Main Street Pmb 412 Hendersonville, TN 37075. What could that all mean?

Let’s work through it together. 2+4+2 is 6*, and June is the 6th month of the year, so this means that there’s a big announcement coming in June.

(* A reader has pointed out that 2+4+2 is actually 8 so this prediction has been pushed to August).

In the year 412 AD, the Visigoths, led by King Ataulf, moved into the south of Gaul. He established his residence at Narbonne, and made an alliance with Emperor Honorius, against the usurper Jovinus.

The region now known as Gaul is a part of modern-day France, so a move to Europe might soon be on the cards! Emily in Paris won’t know what hit her. Hon-hon! Une baguette s’il vous plait!

Finally is the number 37075, which roughly represents the dollar amount that the average Swiftie spent buying all eight deluxe editions of Folklore.

So there you have it, folks! Lots to digest there, but it looks like it’s going to be an exiting few months ahead for Taylor fans. Drop your own theories in the comments.

Image: Getty Images / Kevin Mazur