Taylor Lautner’s Fiancé, Also Taylor, Is Taking His Last Name & Now My Head Is Spinning

Taylor Lautner fiance will share his first AND last name

Taylor Lautner‘s fiancé Taylor Dome has revealed she’ll be changing her last name when they get married… meaning they’ll both be called Taylor Lautner. My brain is spinning.

Lautner, a serial dater of Taylors, revealed his plan to morph his lover into his own self to become the Ultimate Taylor on the The Kelly Clarkson Show.

After clarifying that at the moment he goes by Taylor and his fiancé goes by Tay, Lautner revealed the two would soon share a last name.

“[I was] like, are you into this last name?” he joked to Kelly Clarkson.

“Because we already share one name. So it’s gonna be extra complicated.

“We’re literally going to be the same person.”

UM. Why does a part of me feeling like this is almost sinister?? Stop dating women named Taylor challenge!

I mean, cute as it is, I can’t help but think about the logistics of this: they’ll never know whose mail is addressed to who, it won’t be clear whose name is on their legal documents (like, uh, house deeds) because they have the same name.

Wouldn’t it have been easier to date a non-Taylor? Like me, perhaps? I’d just like to make it known right now that my 2010 MSN name was Mrs Lautner. And here we are. That’s loyalty AND commitment. Taylor (Lautner) are you hearing this??

ICYMI, Taylor Lautner proposed to Dome in November last year, complete with candles, dozens of roses and…a big sign of his last name?

He really does love his name, doesn’t he.

All jokes aside, I guess I’m happy for them. They are actually super cute together and I love Dome. Almost as much as I love Lautner.

But I swear to God if Dome ends up having a baby and Lautner names it Taylor too… it’s over for these hoes.