After Target Australia bowed to pressure last week and pulled copies of Grand Theft Auto V from its shelves amid complaints over sexual violence, gamers started a movement of their own, demanding that Target remove the Bible from its shelves. 

A petition has attracted over 47,000 signatures from people asking Target to withdraw the Bible from sale, based on its depictions of sexual violence, and the fact that it encourages the abuse of women as entertainment.

The only problem is … nobody checked to see if Target Australia actually stock the Bible, which, apparently, they do not. That’s the impression we get from the following exchange, anyway:


Target have since said that they will continue to sell other R18+ classified games “in a responsible manner”. 

This means that their decision to withdraw GTA V, from which they and other stores have already made a dumpload of money, is soooooooooort of a meaningless and token one.

The only only question remaining is how and whether a future GTA installment will find a way to riff on all this moral outrage. 

via Reddit