Bachie Star Tara Pavlovic Sparks Pregnancy Rumours With Instagram Post

Tara Pavlovic

Bachelor In Paradise star Tara Pavlovic has sparked pregnancy rumours after a photo was posted to fellow Bachie star Natalie Holmberg‘s Instagram account, showing her cradling what appears to be a baby bump. The post in question has since been deleted, but a screengrab remains, so here you go:

Tara Pavlovic

Tara has been dating plumber Nick Shepardson for six months, and introduced him to her family over Christmas. In an Instagram post from November, she showed off what she described as a “round” tummy, but added that she was “not pregnant” and just enjoys food.

The more recent photo shows her in a flowy yellow dress in front of a wall of flowers, with the words ‘Oh Baby’ on it. The picture appears to have been taken at a baby shower for fellow Bachelor star Cobie Frost, but bear with us here, because this is where it gets a little weird.

Tara Pavlovic recently posted a photo from Cobie’s baby shower to her own Instagram account, in which several friends can be seen staring at the general area of her stomach. She noted in the caption that her tummy looks similar to Cobie’s after their recent eating efforts.

Cobie then posted photos of herself and Tara in front of the ‘Oh Baby’ flower wall. They are both wearing the same outfits as they were in the group photo – Cobie in a blue off-shoulder ruffle dress, and Tara in green, with her hair up.

Tara Pavlovic

The reason that’s slightly odd is that the photo posted to Natalie Holmberg’s Instagram shows Tara posing in the same location but looking completely different, with her hair in a ponytail and a yellow dress. So what’s the go?

Did Tara change outfits before or partway through the party? Does she just happen to encounter a lot of floral ‘Oh Baby’ walls in her day-to-day-life? Does she have a secret identical twin called Poot Pavlovic, who was making her first public appearance?

Or was this simply just a later photo where she was messing around and pretending to be pregnant as a goof, which would also be an entirely plausible explanation, as Bachie cast members are masters of manipulating social media for attention?

We’re figuratively dying to find out, although I personally am not 100% ruling out the Poot Pavlovic theory.