Fashion God Tan France Took Hasan Minhaj Shopping For Netflix’s ‘Patriot Act’

Tan France x Hasan Minhaj

Somehow, it hasn’t been a year since season two of Queer Eye blessed our lives but it sure does feel like it. So while we wait for filming/production/editing to be completed, the almighty Netflix gods have given us a cheeky crossover between one of their newest stars Hasan Minhaj and actual angel Tan France. 

[jwplayer 2vos7s9m]

You may recognise Minhaj from his stint on the Daily Show but as announced earlier this year, the comedian scored himself a gig on Netflix.

The Patriot Act, coming to a screen near you on October 28, is a global news show promising a nuanced perspective on subjects like politics and culture. A weekly show, all-new episodes of Patriot Act will hit Netflix every Sunday.

Minhaj describes the show as a “funny, investigative report meets comedy show, meets political satire, meets Malcolm Gladwell, but funny and it’s on a bunch of screens like a Drake concert.” 

Yeah alright, sign me up.

ANYWHOO, to prepare himself for the show Minhaj recruited the help of fashion god Tan France because who else are you going to call when you need advice about a French tuck?

In the video, the angels bond over being brown and westernising their names. For example, Tan’s first name is actually Tanweer. 

Let me just take a moment to say it’s so gewd to hear Tan speak about the sanctity of farshun again… and fuckboys and crop tops.

And as for Queer Eye season three? Well Tan says: “Everything that you would have liked in season one and season two but amplified. It really is so good, they get me every week, those heroes get me every week.” 

“We had our first lesbian on the show this year, and she’s formidable and what we do with her – I think you will love.” 

K E E N.

I would watch an entire season of these two beautiful men. Although, I can’t believe Tan just cut up a perfectly good jumper.

Patriot Act will hit Netflix come October 28, check out the trailer below.

P.S The title of the crossover But First, Tan ft. Hasan Minhaj 10/10 makes it sound like Tan has his own side gig going on here and I am very much okay with that.