Tammy Hembrow Has Revealed The Reason Behind Her Split With Matt Poole Via A TikTok Comment

Tammy Hembrow and Matt Poole in formalwear posing for photo. TikTok comment overlaid which reads: "what happened with you and matt?"

Tammy Hembrow has revealed why she and former fiancé Matt Poole decided to call it quits on their relationship.

The fitness influencer spilled the beans in the comments section of a recent TikTok, after a fan asked: “What happened with you and Matt?”

“Some people are just not meant to be together no matter how hard they try. We are much better as friends. Not that it’s anyone’s business,” Hembrow replied.

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Welp. There we have it, folks.

According to Daily Mail Australia, Hembrow confirmed she and Poole had broken up while talking to a makeup artist at a photoshoot in Sydney late last year.

“Tammy said she and Matt split a little while ago and that he was now doing his own thing — which is why she brought her baby Posy to set,” a source told the publication.

Hembrow also said it was “tough work being a single mother of three,” according to a makeup artist on the shoot.

Months earlier in August, there was a heap of speculation that Hembrow and Poole had split ‘cos of some supposed “hints” they were dropping on Instagram.

Influencer Updates AU pieced together some possible signs that the pair had called it quits in a TikTok.

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“Here’s why I think Tammy Hembrow and Matt Poole have split — let me start by saying that I hope I’m wrong,” Influencer Updates AU said.

“This little post 32 weeks ago was when Tammy first blocked Matt on Instagram.”

The post in question was a screenshot of one of Influencer Updates AU’s Instagram stories, which featured questions people had sent to them via the app.

One of them was: “Why don’t Tammy and Matt follow each other anymore?”, to which Influencer Updates AU replied: “Not sure why Tammy unfollowed Matt on Insta. Also tags gone.”

Photo credit: TikTok / @influencer.updates.au.

“Later that week, Tammy was then one of the only people to not congratulate Matt on his Iron Man retirement,” Influencer Updates AU continued.

“She did eventually congratulate him, though.”

Look, I was waiting with bated breath for Hembrow to send warm regards to Poole, so I’m just glad she finally did.

Photo credit: TikTok / @influencer.updates.au.

Influencer Updates AU wasn’t done. In fact, there was still a lot of tea she had to spill.

“Two weeks later, she did block him on social media again,” she said.

“People were raising questions when her baby shower indicated that her baby was going to be called ‘Baby Hembrow’ rather than ‘Poole’.”

Photo credit: TikTok / @influencer.updates.au.

TBH I find it more intriguing that the sign at the baby shower said “Baby Hembrow the Third” because it shares a scary resemblance to Shrek the Third. I know Hembrow has three children and I’m not implying she reminds me of Princess Fiona or anyone else in the Shrek universe, but I’m just saying that fanging “the Third” onto the end of anything will inevitably give Shrek energy.

But I digress. On with the Instagram analysis!

“Also, the fact they were living in separate states for quite a few months with Matt living in Sydney and Tammy on the Gold Coast,” Influencer Updates AU said.

“14 weeks ago, people started asking Matt questions about his relationship with Tammy and he snapped back that he was around there today, which is more proof that they don’t live together.”

Photo credit: TikTok / @influencer.updates.au.

It must be said, you’d assume Hembrow and Poole would’ve moved in together ‘cos their bébé was arriving soon. But I also don’t know these people so maybe they agreed to live separately and it worked well for them. Not my circus, not my monkeys.

“This was around the same time that Tammy released these images, saying that she’s struggling to get groceries on her own and her mum and sister had to come and help her do her laundry that day,” Influencer Updates AU said.

“Her birth video showed her sister Amy cutting the cord rather than Matt. And she continues to raise questions by wearing her engagement ring on-and-off.”

The photos Influencer Updates AU referenced were stories that Hembrow had posted on Instagram, in which she spoke about how painful her pregnancy was getting and the fact her family helped her do some washing.

Photo credit: TikTok / @influencer.updates.au.

Hembrow also didn’t post about Poole on Father’s Day, after they welcomed their daughter Posy in June.

IMO the most telling sign that something was up was the fact Hembrow dyed her hair red in mid-September, ‘cos everyone knows the best way to signify you’re going through a major life change is by switching up your hair. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.

Stacks of people commented on Influencer Update AU’s TikTok agreeing that Hembrow and Poole had split.

“He hasn’t liked any of her recent Instagram posts either,” one said.

“She dyed her hair red, can’t tell me it’s not official now,” commented another.

“Why do I feel like he was just never as into her as she was into him. Maybe he just wanted to be a father that’s what it seems like,” said a third.

Hembrow and Poole started dating in 2020 and revealed they were engaged in November 2021.