Talk About Footage: Tamara Shows Free Feet & Spills On MAFS’ Brent And Mitch In An Insta Q&A

tamara mafs 2022

It must be Q&A season because yet another MAFS contestant has hopped on Instagram to answer our burning questions. Tamara Djordjevic has come through with the ultimate spice, talking about her MAFS experience, ex-hubby Brent, Mitch and her… feet?

Most of the Q&A was spent talking about life goals, dreams for the future and Tamara’s height, but sprinkled in between the mundane talk were sparkling gems of tea.

So, without further ado, here’s all the tea spilt by Tamara in her Instagram Q&A.

The whole knife and fork thing with Brent was a ‘joke’

According to Tamara, the scene where she tells Brent he’s using the wrong knife and fork was not at all serious.

“The whole holding your knife and fork thing was a little bit of a piss-take,” she said.

“With Brent working in the hospitality industry, I was like, well you’re using the wrong knife and fork. My sense of humour just isn’t for everyone but we knew it was a joke.”

There are apparently a lot of sides to Brent we didn’t see

Tamara tried to not talk about Brent too much during the Instagram Q&A (I mean fair enough, the experiment was fkn yonks ago) but she did shed some light on how she feels about him.

“I understand that Brent has gone and spoken as much rubbish as he can about me,” she said.

“At the end of the day I always had a gut feeling, and I would say this all the time but it was never aired, that there was just something not quite right. I didn’t get that initial attraction feeling but I really tried.

“There are things I can say about Brent … and a lot that hasn’t been shown. There’s a lot that you didn’t see.

“I wouldn’t have been the way I was for no reason. Someone doesn’t get that upset about things for no reason.”

Oof. I need to see these Brent deleted scenes ASAP.

Are Mitch and Tamara actually a thing?

The question that was on everyone’s lips was whether or not Tamara and Mitch are together, as has been rumoured for weeks.

The answer to that question is no. Or… maybe. Kinda? It’s hard to tell.

“Mitch and I are really good friends. I want to set the record straight by saying we only became friends months after filming had aired.

“We didn’t talk throughout MAFS or anything. We both live on the Gold Coast so we’d often bump into each other. So one day we said let’s put our differences aside and got to know each other — we have great banter.”

“He’s so supportive. Unless you’ve gone through this whole MAFS experience you don’t understand what it’s like. Mitch and I had similar struggles, bonded and formed a natural friendship.”

I have so many questions still but I guess we’ll have to take Tamara’s word for it.

What does Tamara think of Brent and Ella?

Tamara refused to comment on Brent and Ella’s relationship, which is probably the wisest thing to do at this point.

“I don’t think Brent and Ella are any of my business, to be honest. If they’re together then I’m happy for them.”

Very well said.

What’s Tamara’s foot size?

I’m shocked that Tamara actually showed her feet for free in her stories. If you did catch the Instagram video I guess you’ll have to suffer with the weight of this unnecessary knowledge forever. If you didn’t, she reckons they’re size 5 or 6.

Dunno what you’ll do with that information. Maybe head to Wikifeet?